blankid® GmbH

Structured data as the basis for digitization

Productivity through efficient data structures

Organize your data chaos! Increase productivity and simplify organizational processes with an efficient and secure data structure. We structure your databases, Excel sheets, files and folders,...

Stay in control

Data is your most important asset! Reduce dependency on third-party providers and retain sovereignty over your data.

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We advise you on the subject of data management
Daily consultation
Individual input
  • ✓ Divisible into 2-3 days
  • Concrete customer requests
  • High Level Results
  • Example: IS- analysis
  • Example: TARGET analysis
  • Example: Project planning
  • 8 houres
Weekly sprint
  • ✓ Divisible into 1-2 weeks
  • Concrete Results
  • Record the current status
  • Define TARGET state
  • ✓ Work on TARGET state
  • Consulting
  • Result presentation
  • 40 houres
Entry Advice
Compressed input
  • Personal acquaintance
  • Presentation of our services
  • Presentation of your opportunitys
  • Clarification of individual questions
  • Clarification of Next Steps
  • 60 minutes
Unique selling proposition
Our recipe for success
Information structuring
Internal & external raw data

Extract added value from existing and new raw data.


Document storage
Accessibility of Documents

Adjustment of data structures and creation of search indexes.


Data acquisition
Expand your database

Supporting or in connection with subcontractors.


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